Which colors of varnish for light and very white skin?

Have you noticed that some nail polishes look better depending on skin color? It is true that depending on the complexion, certain colors harmonize better. So, which varnish do we opt for for fair and very white skin? Here are our recommendations.

red nail polish

Red nail polish is suitable for all skin colors. For fair skin, we preferred a bright red, which highlights your skin more, or a “rosy” red. But, note that with blue undertones, it will provide better contrast.

The pink varnish

One of the key colors par excellence for white skin: pink! It will bring you brightness. Any shade suits you, so have fun!

Gray varnishes

Another nail polish for light skin to adopt: gray. It sublimates fair skin, because it brings softness and a shade of color to your hands. It is also a very nice alternative to pink.

dark colors

Contrary to what one might think, dark colored nail polishes can be very suitable for fair skin. They also bring a lot of elegance to your manicure. You should know that the darker the varnish, the more the color will accentuate the light skin tone.

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