Take care of your natural nails

Nail care is a whole story, from the cuticles to the top coat! Unfortunately, our hands are often abused by chemical products that contacted in your daily life. In this article, I share my tips for taking care of your nails naturally, it is possible and so much more effective!

Turn to green varnishes

I’m not telling you that the components of varnishes are not pretty. Inevitably, this has an impact on our nails; they are yellowed, weakened, soft. It contains solvents, irritants and many endocrine disruptors. Be aware that you can limit the damage by adopting more natural varnishes! They will never be 100% natural because there are no miracles. For the varnish to hold, you will always need resins and agents that can damage your nails.

Fortify and nourish nails with vegetable oils

Beautiful healthy nails are nourished nails! And for that, nothing better than natural vegetable oils. Whether on the price side or on the efficiency side, vegetable oils are the most likely to provide the best care for your nails.

You can use any vegetable oil to maintain your nails. We apply a little before a manicure or daily to embellish them. If you only had to choose 2 oils, I strongly recommend sweet almond oil or castor oil. The sweet almond offers its nutritive power and softens the skin without an ultra oily finish. Castor oil is the queen of nail growth and fortifying!

Whiten nails naturally

Following the application of varnish, our nails are often found yellowed. The bases do not necessarily work miracles and those that protect our nails well from staining are often the most toxic. To remedy this without saying goodbye to varnish, you can soak your nails in a little lemon juice only every 1 or 2 weeks! It is an ultra effective natural remedy against yellow nails thanks to its whitening properties. With this very simple trick, you can find pretty white nails!

I hope these tips will help you in taking care of your fabulous nails. Remember that healthy nails also go through a healthy and varied diet! For more information on our manicure kits, visit our Maryton website!

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