How to Wear Sweaters as Jackets

You know that feeling when you literally want to save the best for last? When you want to indulge in that favourite thing you have, in your guilty pleasure, whether it’s your food, your film, your song, your whatever (feel free to go wild, God knows we’ve all got a bunch of shits under our belts), but you know the moment you start your ‘indulging process’ you’re basically heading to the finish line as well.

It’s like the freaking popcorn at movies. You don’t want to start it unless the film starts, so you postpone eating it at commercials, to save ‘the best for last’.

I am not mentally deranged. This article and title will make sense in a second. Listen to this: once the cold temperatures hit us, I feel like jackets are both the icing on the cake, as they are one of the best things about autumn, but they’re also too ubiquitous. Everyone will wear them, regardless of age, style, fashion penchant or not. And by the time summer’s here again, we end up sick of the poor things (the jackets that is), and at a creative style loss of how to wear them.

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So… what I thought about today was easy (because we’re all doing it anyway, I’m basically just typing it): why don’t we leave the toying with the jackets for later on, when we actually need to layer up, and instead resort to coziness and a more unconventional outwear – THE SWEATER.

What a brilliant idea! I know, right?!

Well… it’s a whole process. You have to pick a sweater, take it out of the closet, pull it over your head, and always wear a T-shirt or shirt underneath in case you get too hot and need that peel off some of the fabric. Right.

That’s actually the best part about wearing sweaters as jackets – it’s so easy to do and it’ll always look amazing, slightly undone, unfinished but it’s that thing precisely that makes it effortless.

All sweaters styles look great by themselves against jeans, or trousers, or skirts, or over dresses. It’s all about HOW you wear it. Your attitude. If you add a great bag, a pair of shades and your fab hair – nobody’s got nothing on you baby.

My favourite way to wear sweaters as jackets is with jeans and classic heels, a perfect look for office hours for example, AND sweaters with jeans and sneakers. Think all-black for example, messy hair, shades, and a posh bag. Or, weekend hungover coolness.

While black sweaters will always be IN, I feel like this autumn dusted coloured sweaters styles are huge: pinks, blues, whites, greens – all in that retro light pastel shade.

I’ve selected for you a few of my fave pastel sweaters styles, and a few blacks, basically sweaters to take us through the cold season as jackets or underneath jackets.

And in case you’ve got doubts about how it’ll look, don’t, cause chances are you’ve already done this style, and forgot about it, and if not, it’s so easy to do and it looks so effortless and cool, that we have to consider it.

Street style inspo right here:

I’ve always worn sweaters by themselves, but now I’m even more hooked on this sans-le-jacket phase. Yeah we are saving the best for last, but that don’t mean we can’t have a little fashion fun meanwhile.

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