How to match your nail polish to your skin color?

A nice neat and neat manicure is the best. And it’s even better when the color of the nail polish is in total osmosis with the color of the skin. Because, certain tones will look more or less well depending on this or that skin tone. So you’re wondering how to match your nail polish to your skin color? Follow us!

White skin: anything but white!

One of the rules of nail polish is: avoid tone on tone. For a light complexion, we say bye bye to white whether it is matte, shiny or pearly. In addition, fair skin makes all bright and acidic colors look good.

Dark skin: nude is your friend!

Nude colors will look great on dark skin as long as you choose them close to your skin color, in a spectrum therefore covering latte-caramel-chocolate tones. Similarly, a beige or a lichen green, in matte or glossy varnish, will go wonderfully with the tan of the skin. All metallic colors too: gold, rose gold, copper, bronze, silver.

Black skin: dark and flashy!

The darker the complexion, the more it will sublimate the dark tones. Black skins will also brilliantly wear all the very flashy colors, yellow, blue, green! Finally, the one that will make everyone agree, whatever the skin tone, is the French manicure! On all skin types, it will easily and quickly give clean and well-groomed nails!

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