Nail capsules: what exactly are they?


If you long for a sleek, long, colorful manicure but are frustrated by the slow growth of your natural nails, there is an ideal solution: capsule nails. Do you know what are nail capsules? Keep reading, Maryton Nail Supply will give you answers.

Capsules for simple nails, also called classic or traditional capsules, are distinguished from American capsules (preformed capsules with a curve and an extension) and popits (mold which is used to model the gel or resin before applying it to the nail). They are false nails designed to define the desired shape and size of your nails. Can be used with a gel or acrylic manicure, the capsules require different processes depending on the type of manicure chosen.

Practical for concealing damaged natural nails, capsules are a clever choice for those wanting to experiment with different nail shapes or more elaborate nail art designs.

For gel application, it is necessary to cure the nails under a UV lamp, while for acrylic application, drying is done naturally in the open air. The procedure also includes filing the nails and applying treatments to preserve the health of the natural nail. The capsules are not only functional; they are also real fashion accessories that require regular maintenance.

Whether you are used to French manicures, nail art, colored manicures, or you like accessories and glitter finishes, false nails are an accessible option for everyone. In addition, I recommend investing in some professional manicure sets to care for your nails.

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