Manicure equipment needed for nail preparation stage

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Preparing the nail is an important step that should not be neglected if you want your semi-permanent varnish to last 3 weeks. During the nail preparation stage, there are some essential manicure equipment.

You will need:

  • A wooden cuticle pusher stick that gently pushes the skin and cuticles that have covered the nail.
  • A nail file that allows you to shape the nail into the desired shape. Always file in one direction and avoid back and forth movements, as you risk weakening the nail.If you can, an electric nail drill would also be a good choice. Don’t forget to practice before using it.
  • A buffing block is an essential tool. It helps smooth the nails and removes streaks and dead skin around the nail. Your nails will be shiny, smooth and strong.

Using these different accessories will allow the semi-permanent varnish to adhere better to the nail. After preparing the nails, applying the different gels or varnishes can begin.

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