What Do Your Eyes Say About You?

Determining The Shape Of Your Eyes

It is so simple to define your face. It is usually the eyes, the nose, and the lips. Then, when you look closer, you tend to categorize the eyes by their different characteristics – some have heavy lids while some are deep set. But there is a lot more depth in the definition of those eyes! Here are a few pointers that will help you determine the shape of your eyes.

If your eyelids do not have a crease, you have monolid eyes. But if they do, then you must read on further.

Draw an imaginary line, across the center of each eye. If the outer corners turn upwards, you have upturned eyes, and if the outer corners are turned downwards, you have downturned eyes. If the crease on your eyelids is not visible, you have hooded eyes.

If you look straight and the whites of your eyes are visible around the iris, you have round eyes. If your irises always tend to disappear into the upper and lower lids, you have almond eyes.

Now that you have determined the shape of your eyes, let’s see what they say about you.

What Do Your Eyes Say About You?

Your eyes are like a gateway to your heart. Often, they express what words cannot. It is said that the eyes mirror the soul. So let’s take a look at what the shape of your eyes says about you.

Almond Shaped Eyes

Almond shaped eyes depict self-discipline and urge management. These eyes, apart from being dainty and pretty, are also quite out of the ordinary because they convey a certain sense of secrecy. Women with almond shaped eyes are warm and sensitive, yet have a strong control over their emotions. They always display their wits and common sense.

Round Shaped Eyes

Women with round shaped eyes are emotional. They are known to have erratic mood swings, are dramatic and speak their minds easily. They are usually very attractive and charming. They are extroverts by nature and have excellent social skills. The round-eyed are creative and artistic. They will always seem chirpy and happy.

Closed Set Eyes

Women with closed set eyes are usually very focused, and they hate to be disturbed when they are concentrating on something. They are keen for detail, and get worked up at the drop of a hat. They cannot deal with change, and have a low threshold of tolerance. Therefore, they also have a very short temper.

Wide Set Eyes

If you have wide set eyes, you are a more flexible, tolerant person. You have a broad perspective towards life, and are innovative and appreciative.

Deep Set Eyes

Intense and observant, women with deep-set eyes are extremely progressive. They are creative and are great writers. Since they are extremely observant, they can also be judgmental, as they always like to draw up their own conclusions about everything.

Big Eyes

Big eyes symbolize an open mind. Women with big eyes are extremely curious. They have bright ideas, which make them scholarly, yet creative. They are sensitive and great romantics at heart. Big-eyed women make great companions.

Small Eyes

They go into intricate details and are very aware of their surroundings. That makes them perfectionists. A sharp mind, great skills and their farsightedness truly sets them apart.

Downturned Eyes

Dedicated lovers and subordinates at work, women with downturned eyes are usually prone to pessimism and can get discouraged quite easily.

Upturned Eyes

Often called as the cat eye, women with upturned eyes are determined and optimistic. They are super fun to be around. Quick with wits, they are also curious in nature. They almost always make sure they get what they want.

Hooded Eyes

Women with hooded eyes are also known as the “helping hands”. They give without expecting anything in return. They spread a lot of happiness around the world but usually fret over their own lives. This often leads them into being pessimistic.
Having just decoded the great mystery of the eyes for you, let me leave you with a quote to ponder upon, “your eyes are beautiful, not because of how they look, but because of what they see”.

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