How to treat your cuticles with argan oil?

For a woman, the cuticles are aesthetically disturbing when you want to have beautiful nails and a perfect manicure. Cutting them is not the ideal solution, however. Other choices exist. The use of argan oil is one of them.

Don’t cut your cuticles

It is mistakenly thought that the only solution to get rid of cuticles is to cut them. Indeed, using this method is a source of even faster regrowth, but above all of infections and bleeding. So what do we do with those cuticles? They are made to disappear thanks to argan oil and so you can use your permeable nail polishes without complex to make you look beautiful.

The argan oil

For your nails, you can use the argan oil alone, without adding anything. To soften your cuticles, put a drop of oil on each unvarnished nail and massage. You can also dip a cotton swab in argan oil to apply it precisely to the cuticles. You will see afterwards that your cuticles will be softened, less dry, without redness and you will no longer need to cut them. With each use, a small quantity of oil is enough in order not to make waste.

Besides the argan oil, you should also have your own manicure and pedicure kit. With the help of these simple gestures to perform, you will keep beautiful nails all year round! This article was created from the famous brand of Maryton. Visit our website to discover more!

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