3 reasons to fall for Maryton nail files

A nail file is an indispensable tool for both manicures and pedicures. To help you know a little more about Maryton nail files, we give you 3 reasons to integrate them into our nail routine.

1.Quality nail files

Maryton nail supply offers you solid, quality nail files that will last over time. To provide comfort during filing or sanding, a cushion is slipped between the two sides of the nail file.

2.Several grains that adapt to youruse

  • 180/240:Suitable for natural nails in general. These grains are ideal for gently filing weakened, brittle, thin, soft nails.
  • 100/180:Suitable for natural nails or toenails.
  • 80/100:To be used to file or sand nails with capsules, resin or UV gel.
  • 80/80:To be used to file nails with capsules, resin or UV gel. These grains are very rough.

The smaller the number of grains, the rougher and more abrasive the nail file, and therefore more suitable for an artificial nail or nail made of gel, resin, etc. Conversely, the larger the number of grains, the smaller the nail file. is gentle and non-abrasive, suitable for natural nails.

3.Two shapes of files

As for the shape, there are two types: straight and banana. The straight shape is suitable for those who have thin fingertips and soft, brittle nails. As for the nail file with a banana shape, it allows for greater comfort when filing the nail.

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