Manicure techniques: The different ways to dress your nails!


Nails enhanced by a manicure are becoming more popular with the fancy trends that emerge. The nail art boom favors the appearance of diverse manicures ranging from classic neutral colors to more extravagant designs. Either way, there are all kinds of manicure techniques to adorn your nails. Today, nail supply expert Maryton will explain to you what it is about to make the right choice according to your desires!

1.The classic manicure

The classic manicure begins with cleaning the nails, i.e. filing the nails, polishing the nails, clearing the cuticles and moisturizing the skin. Then, we apply a transparent base to protect your nail. Then, is it time to choose the color. One or two coats of varnish are applied before finishing with a coat of top coat which will extend the life of your manicure.

2.Semi-permanent varnish

This method is between classic nail polish and the application of false gel nails. To begin, we apply a transparent base coat which you dry for a few seconds under a UV lamp. Then, we add a first layer of the color of your choice then a second, with an express pass under the UV lamp between the two. We finish with a final layer of top coat. The UV lamp will help harden the nail polish which will last longer.


3.False gel nails

The false gel nail technique is known to be less aggressive on your nails since it does not use glue. Additionally, these nail prostheses are created from liquid transparent gel. The gel is placed on a degreased and polished nail to promote adhesion. The nail technician then places a template around the nail in its continuity on which he builds the extension with a brush and gel. Once the different layers of gel have hardened under a UV lamp, the template is removed. Regarding removal, we file the material using an electric nail file, which can be harsh on the fingers.

4.False acrylic nails

Acrylic false nails are the most common! They are composed of powdered acrylic mixed with a liquid called monomer, all resulting in a malleable paste to work on the nail. Like the technique above, the extension is built using a template or on capsules to lengthen the nail. However, acrylic dries in the open air and must be worked quickly. Once dry, the false nails are filed and polished to shape them according to the desired image. Finally, we add a layer of color or work on the patterns.

5.False nails in capsules

Is this technique aimed at those in a hurry and on small budgets? In fact, already decorated plastic capsules can be found in supermarkets or beauty stores. They are attached using glue directly to your nails. In just 5 minutes, you have effortlessly manicured hands!

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