Why do nails break?


Nails that are weakened or have suffered an impact may tend to break. If most of the time the discomfort is only aesthetic, it should be taken into account that a broken toenail could, for example, have consequences on your health. Today, nail supplies expert Maryton will explain everything to you in this guide.

The main cause of nail breakage remains the daily shocks to which they are subjected. A toe that hits the corner of a piece of furniture, a finger stuck in a door, or even a nail that hits a hard surface and that’s the tragedy: we notice a breakage.

If your nails break on a very regular basis, it is possible that your nails are weakened. Most of the time, nail breakage is due to a sulfur deficiency. Manicures with semi-permanent varnish or gel varnish can also cause weakening of the nail.

The risks associated with breaking a nail

You are very rarely in danger when you notice a broken nail. However, an ingrown toenail may appear. This is a phenomenon where the nail moves out of the path in which it is supposed to be pushed. It then grows under the skin, causing pain and discomfort in your shoes.

More anecdotally, a very short broken nail can be painful since your skin becomes raw. You will often have to be patient to wait for it to grow back.


What to do when a nail breaks?

When a nail breaks, you need to use a manicure and pedicure set for any repairs or cuts.Please note that on the feet, it is often advisable to cut the nails to prevent the appearance of ingrown toenails. If the breakage of the nail is painful or your nail turns black I advise you to call a chiropodist or a manicure professional to allow you to make a clean cut. This will prevent the appearance of other problems and will ensure favored nail regrowth.

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