Best 8 Bikini Bodies on Instagram

Summer’s almost here: The time when a swarm of the best bikini bodies will inevitably hit your Instagram feed. Because if there’s one snap sure to score a thousands of likes, it’s a swimwear selfie.
It’s not just celebrities who are attracting hundreds of thousands of followers thanks to their killer bikini bods—bloggers, athletes, models, and a new wave of beach-loving Instagram stars are all using the platform to share their best bikini snaps—and, hey, if you’ve got it, why not ’Gram it.
There’s Tash Oakley, the Australian blogger with more than a million followers which she gained by sharing bathing-suit selfies (yep, she wears a swimsuit that well), Jessica Stein, a travel and style Instagram star evoking wanderlust with her photos taken exclusively in exotic destinations, and more genetically blessed influencers who (judging by their social media diaries) seem to live in swimwear.
That’s just the beginning, though: Ahead, we short-list the 8 best bikini bodies on Instagram right now, in no particular order.

Rocky Barnes | Location: Los Angeles
Devin Brugman | Location: Sydney, Australia
Katelyn Byrd | Location: San Diego
Gabi Greg | Location: Los Angeles
Hannah Ferguson | Location: New York
Karri Nicholas | Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Racquel Natasha | Location: Canada
Kyra Santoro | Location: Los Angeles

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