How to treat damaged nails?

On a daily basis, your hands have a hard time and it’s often the nails that suffer the most. Yellowed and discolored nails, ridged nails, small dry skin, you know? But do you know what techniques to adopt to take care of your damaged nails? You will discover the answer in this article!

Take care of your little skin around your nails

It is difficult to resist, and yet it is necessary at all costs to avoid touching it. Pulling these little skins off the wrong way can sometimes lead to bleeding and even infection.

The solution :

To prevent the formation of these small skins, it is important to hydrate these cuticles well. You can apply a dry oil or a special cuticle balm to nourish them.

Take care of white spots on nails

Most of the time, white spots on the nail come from a shock like a little hammer blow on the finger. If this is recurrent, it could be a zinc deficiency.

The solution :

Make sure to eat plenty of foods like spinach, beans, yogurt, shellfish and pine nuts as they are rich in trace minerals.

Take care of discolored and yellowish nails

The yellowish color of the nails can also come from food or cigarettes for people who smoke.

The solution :

Use a pink top coat so that your nail adopts a natural pink and the edge a more marked white.

Caring for ridged nails

Vertical marks are very common on the nails and are due to the aging process…

The solution :

Rub your nails with a nail file gently. These small ridges can also appear during times of stress or illness, but they are more likely to appear on toenails which grow more slowly than fingernails.

Take care of black spots on your nails

Dark lines or black spots may appear under the fingernails. And it’s not always a bruise.

The solution :

Do not attempt to file this stain, and go to your doctor instead as it may be a sign of malignant melanoma.

In addition to these tips listed above, you maintain your nails regularly with manicure kits. This article was created from the famous brand of Maryton. Visit our website to discover more nail beauty products!

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