Interesting Investment for TWS Earphones – PaMu Scroll

When Padmate-tech launched its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the PaMu Scroll earphones immediately intrigued the public. They had a different design, a launch price and some very interesting features they promised well (like Bluetooth 5.0). Once the first units shipping arrived, the promises were not denied, at the current price they are a good investment. The PaMu Scroll earbuds is an interesting product, an investment to be made with attention to the sale price: under €100, it’s worth it.

Even AirPods, the most famous wireless earphones of all time, are now easily confused with some of the many (more or less quality) clones on the market, but in terms of design there is no risk that a pair of PaMu Scrolls will not be immediately recognized. Its main peculiarity is the material that covers the cylindrical case: leather (it looks like real fabric, but it could be fake and well made). The closure is somewhat reminiscent of a handbag, a soft part rolls up in a semi-circle and is blocked by a magnet. On one side, there is the microUSB input for recharging, while on the other an indicator of the status of the battery status (different blue LEDs). The packaging frame is made of plastic with metal details.

Interesting Investment for TWS Earphones - PaMu Scroll

Inside the case there are two earphones. Their design is not bad, but certainly much more anonymous than the case. The construction is still good, they are quite small, but they fit well and stably inside the ear: I never feared losing them. If the ear tips that already mounted on the earbuds were not correct for your ear, you can change them with a other pairs that included in the package.

Sound quality and functionality

After taking the earphones from their house, which it’s hooked with magnetic support and pins for recharging the battery, they will immediately be ready for use. The outer surface of both earbuds is touch sensitive and therefore allows certain operations to be performed without the smartphone, specifically answering and closing a phone call, pausing a song and listening to the next or (only with the left earpiece) recalling the voice assistant (Google Assistant or the alternative offered by your device).

PaMu Scroll do not have an on and off button, everything happens automatically. It will be sufficient to remove them from their base to switch them on, while they switch off after a period of inactivity. The pairing is practically immediate, the Bluetooth of the device to which you want to connect them will not struggle to find the earphones. Appreciated the presence of the Bluetooth 5.0 standard on board the accessory.

The sound is quite high and of sufficient quality. Don’t expect some kind of sound clarity, guaranteed by more expensive products, but on the whole you can’t complain. The bass is quite deep, although the sound is not always the cleanest. If there is one thing I really appreciated is the possibility of making phone calls taking advantage of stereo audio: you won’t be forced to use a single headset, as happens too often with lower-end products. In addition, the microphones do their job well by making a conversation possible without the interlocutor having difficulty hearing us. Good coverage of Bluetooth, but this also depends on the device to which you will connect it. However, when you are in conversation, it is advisable not to be too far from your smartphone.

The battery life of the earphones is good, it depends on how many times they were connected and disconnected from the device, but overall I completely exceeded the two and a half hours of listening with a full charge (each earphone has a built-in 55 mAh battery). When they are in their house, they will recharge(the specifications state up to two additional recharges). Difficult to define it exactly, because the tendency is to put them back in their place once you have finished using them, regardless of the remaining autonomy, but I guarantee you that you will not have to deal with the charging cable too often. There is also wireless charging, but it is optional and possible with an accessory not always included in the sales package, you can get it particular here.
The PaMu Scroll earphones can also be purchased in Italy. The initial list price was $ 149 (about € 130), but now you can buy them on the for $ 79 (about € 70) with free shipping. If the initial cost was a bit too high, the current one is certainly more interesting and ultimately, makes this product as a good buy. They are not earphones for audiophiles, but this is not what they are aiming for. It is a versatile and reliable solution that can be used both with the smartphone and with other compatible devices.

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