4 criteria for choosing an electric nail drill

To provide quality work, it is essential to use a professional nail drill. There are many models available on the market. Prices vary depending on the purpose of the device. The choice will be made according to 4 criteria:

The power of the nail drill

The power of the device is characterized by the number of revolutions per minute. The higher the speed, the more efficient it will be. It allows you to quickly remove material from acrylic, gel or natural nails.

The ergonomics of the device

The ergonomics of the nail drill machine depend on how you work. Depending on your use and the place where you work, there is the professional cordless nail drill, which allows you to adapt to all circumstances.

Comfort of use

Your choice will also relate to the weight of the device. Used all day, you will need it to be sufficiently maneuverable for greater dexterity. Depending on the sensitivity of each person, the vibrations as well as the noise emitted by the nail drill must be taken into consideration.

The material of strawberries

Generally, an electric nail drill has a few bits also called cutters. The material must be resistant and stainless to last over time.

At Maryton, we offer a wide selection of sander bits, including those made of tungsten carbide, those coated with diamond powder and those with a titanium coating for their exceptional quality.

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