7 Tips For Mastering Nail Art At Home

Having great looking nails is a real fashion statement. Whether you create nail art for fun or to go along with your personal style, you want your nails to look great every time you spend time doing them. These tips will help you nail down some serious skills to make your nail art stand out in the crowd.

Tip 1: Petroleum Jelly

Line your nails with white craft glue or petroleum jelly before you paint them so you can avoid the messy clean up later. Simply swab the jelly around the skin on your nails before you paint. This will give you a barrier between your skin and the nail. Any slip up will be easy to wipe off when you are done with the process. It will give you a more professional end result that is simple and easy to pull off.

Tip 2: Prevent Chipping

You hate having a great nail job only to have it chip away the next day. In order to avoid the tips of your nails chipping, paint two bottom layers on the tip of the nail. First, paint one layer over the top portion of the nail and second, paint a base coat over the entire nail as normal. This will help the tips last longer without chipping.

Tip 3: Utilise White

If you want the colors in your nail art to stand out more, use white nail polish for a basecoat. The natural tint of your fingers can change the color of the overall polish you put on. When you add a layer of white first, the true color of the polish will come out and look more bold and bright.

Tip 4: Paint Elsewhere

Instead of spending long amounts of time painting nail art designs on your nails, only to mess up at the very end and have to start over, paint your designs elsewhere. Use a plastic bag and paint the designs. Once they are dry, you can peel them off and seal them onto your nails with nail art glue or clear polish. This works especially well if you struggle painting with your non-dominant hand.

Tip 5: Hole Reinforcement Stickers

If you want to give your nails a half-moon manicured look, grab some hole reinforcement stickers and stick them to your fingers with a portion of the circle overlapping your fingernails. Paint around the stickers and once your nails are dry, peel the stickers off and you will have the half moon look you desire.

Tip 6: Taping

Nails in one color can be nice, but what about when you want a two-toned look? Choose the two colors and paint one as a basecoat. Add a layer of clear polish on top of that and let it all dry. Then, use take to cover a portion of the bottom layer. Paint the nails again and once they are dry, remove the tape. The color underneath will show in the taped areas while the new color will come across on the freshly painted region.

Tip 7: Rubber Bands

If you want a french manicure, it is easier to do yourself than you think. Paint the bottom layer and then loop a rubber band around your thumb and the finger you are working on. Line the band up around your finger so only the tip of the nail shows. Paint a second color on the tip and don’t worry about getting it on the rubber band. When you remove it, you will have a nice, french tip look.

Nail art can take a lot of time, but these tips make it easy and effortless to have nail style.

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