Professional nail equipment: the choice of excellence

For the practice of manicure and pedicure in a beauty salon, nail bar or manicure center, it is necessary to have professional nail equipment.

The application of gels or acrylics, or the manicure on natural nails requires a certain technique and good manicure and pedicure sets. Good equipment is the basis of a successful manicure or pedicure. These tools and accessories for successful manicures are aimed at all lovers of artistic creation. In addition, your tools must be light and easily transportable. If you want to make the hands of women who pay for your services unique, then read on to discover our pro tips and tools.

For the installation of false nails, you must first prepare the ground and remove the acrylics or the remains of gel with a nail file, most often electric. You can change the tip so as to refine the work as you go along with specific tips followed by more precise tips for finishing. The advantages of electric nail drill are: the rotation speed which can be adjusted to the desired speed (fast and precise work) and the possibility of attaching all kinds of bits. This nail art material offers the possibility of making high-end custom manicures and allows you to do absolutely anything you want very quickly.

electric nail drill

As part of a manicure on natural nails, it will be necessary to cut the nails, clean them, file them, polish them, moisturize them and varnish them.

Generally, it is preferable to invest a minimum to have reliable equipment over time. Our Maryton nail supply are renowned for their solidity and efficiency. It is an investment that you make once and that lasts you long time. So, equip yourself now!

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