How to apply a semi-permanent varnish in 7 steps

We all want our clients to be happy and come to our center as often as possible. However, we know that they cannot come every week. Sometimes, some of them will need to be away longer than expected, we should use all our know-how to ensure that their nails remain intact as long as possible. Obviously, semi-permanent varnish is the best option.

At first glance, this varnish has a classic look, but the big difference is that they have a much longer application time. The answer is simple but revolutionary, acrylic. Semi-permanent varnishes are made from this material which allows the varnish to last much longer than a classic varnish.

#1 How to remove it?

Semi-permanent varnishes have a duration of more or less 21 days, beyond this period, it is advisable to replace it. For this, you must equip yourself with the manicure kit. You will wrap it with aluminum foil and let it act for about 15 minutes before removing it, executing light movements so as to eliminate all traces of varnish.

#2 Cuticle Oils

After reading the above description, I’m sure you’ll be concerned about the condition of your clients’ cuticles. This is completely normal, because the nails are exposed to the solvent for several minutes, which causes their sensitivity. To avoid this problem, I recommend that you apply a cuticle oil. Apply after cleaning and filing the nails.

#3 Let the nails breathe

The nails need to breathe after two or three applications of semi-permanent varnish. I suggest that after this period, you offer your clients the opportunity to let their nails breathe, take the opportunity to cleanse and moisturize their cuticles. Nothing more and at the end of t one week, the nails will be ready to receive the semi-permanent varnish again.

Here are the steps you must follow for a professional application of a semi-permanent varnish.

  1. Clean and file

Above all, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the hands of your clients with an antiseptic spray in order to avoid any risk of infection, once the hands are clean, dry them properly. Using a manicure wooden stick, remove excess cuticles, apply oil to moisturize them, take a piece of cotton or cellulose to remove excess oil.

  1. Prepare the terrain

To start, the varnish must adhere well to the nail, do not hesitate to polish it with a polishing block for greater adhesion. Then apply a base, make sure you do not touch the cuticles when applying the varnish , let dry under UV lamp (120 seconds) or under LED lamp (30 seconds).

  1. Make way for color!

Once the Base coat is dry, you must apply the color. Dry the first coat of color under the lamp, immediately after, apply a second coat and let it dry again under the lamp. Depending on the result you want to obtain, you can easily apply a third coat of varnish.

  1. The top coat

This step is undoubtedly the most important of the manicure, because it will close the work carried out until then and above all a good finish allows the varnish to have a longer duration. Allow to dry under the light of the lamp.

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