How to take care of your cuticles for healthy nails?

Having healthy cuticles is essential if you want to keep all the beauty of your nails. Indeed, beyond the protective role they play for the nails, these small skins are also part of their aesthetics. Here we present some tips to take care of your cuticles.

Do not cut the cuticles

The presence of cuticles around the nails is not accidental. Indeed, they serve as protection for the nail. If you cut them, they will very quickly grow back even stronger. Moreover, it is definitely not recommended to cut them with your teeth. You can push them back using an appropriate manicure tools.

Dip fingernail tips in bath oil once a week

You can mix them by adding a small dose of baking soda. Next, you are going to make a light exfoliation. This way you will whiten your nails. It is also possible to use lemon.

Hydrate the nails

Get yourself a dose of ultra-hydrating cream and put it on your nails, just like a mask. To do this, opt for foot creams which are quite rich creams! However, creams intended for dry skin can do the trick.

Brush the cuticles with oil

Use an oil delivery pen/brush! You can find it everywhere, in stores specializing in manicure products for example. You can then paint your nails with oil. Castor oil is also perfect for treating, moisturizing and softening the cuticles.

Keep your hands hydrated

The cuticles and nails are part of the hands. Therefore, proper hydration of the hands is always important for the health of the cuticles.

Do not touch the cuticles

During your manicure session, you must be absolutely careful not to touch the cuticles. Indeed, whether you put on a hardener or a top coat, you must not touch the cuticles.

Choose a gentle remover

When you want to remove the varnish that is on your nails, choose a solvent that is gentle enough and does not contain acetone.

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