Nail Art tutorial: how to create a glitter gradient?

It’s not given to everyone to have a manicure that slaps. Praise be to God: you are in the right place at the right time. Today, I will tell you how to create a glitter gradient? The icing on the cake: it’s super simple! What to do a pretty manicure yourself without having to bite your nails…

Glitter manicure: the right material

A red varnish and a top coat full of golden glitter.

Glitter manicure, instructions for use:

You start by applying a base that will allow you to protect your nails and make the manicure last longer. Then you apply two coats of red varnish that you let dry for 5 minutes. With a gold sequin top coat, you’re on the hunt for sequins. To obtain a gradient glitter effect, you must place them as much as possible on the free edge of your nail. Then you just pull them to get a slightly gradient effect.

To finish your manicure, you apply a layer of top coat which will make the manicure shine and make it last longer. As shown above, start your nail tour with your professional manicure kits! If you want to know more about nail beauty, please take a look at our Maryton website.

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