Should you cut or file your nails?

To have perfect hands, we often take care of our nails with professional manicure set. But is it better to file them or cut them? Follow our pro tips.

Do not attack the nail

The fingernails are thin and grow quickly: one millimeter every 10 days on average. They must therefore be shortened often. Which technique to choose? It all depends on the nature of your nails. If they are soft, you can cut them with scissors. Most important of all, they won’t be assaulted by the cut because they are more flexible and won’t break.

On the other hand, if they are thick, hard and too dry, nail clippers and scissors will be the worst option. This could crush the nail and twist it, which amounts to the The scales that make it up would then be raised and this would cause the nail to split. It would become more brittle and fragile.

But, when to use a nail clipper? If you decide to cut them flush, in this case “it’s not a problem” because we cut all the white part of the nail. Or if you cut your toenails, which are generally thicker, stronger and you want to keep them short.

File, the gentle solution

If you want to keep a short length, the “best solution” is the nail file, so as not to attack them. For a perfect filing, you have to follow a golden rule: file gently in the same direction, so as to smooth the scales of the nail.

After a filing or a nail cut, it is advisable to take care with an oil or a cream to nourish the nail and the cuticles. Hoping to have been helpful! For more nail products, visit our official website, click here!

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