What is an Electric Nail Drill?

An electric nail drill is a motorized file used to smooth the edges of fingernails and human fingernails.

It can be a wired model that plugs into a traditional wall outlet, or it can be wireless and battery powered. Some styles are designed for heavy use by cosmetologists, and others are lighter and marketed for use by home consumers.

As the demand for these manicure services increased, electric nail files have made it possible for manicurists and pedicurists to do their jobs faster and more efficiently.

If properly used and maintained properly, an electric nail file will generally provide years of use.

Most professional manicurists and home manicurists prefer it to manual files for accuracy and speed.

Artificial and natural nail specialists generally use the electric nail file only for adult services, as children can be injured if they move their hands or feet quickly while they are being served.

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