Nail manicure: how to have beautiful hands?

Do you dream of having beautiful, strong, healthy and long nails? And you are right, because having beautiful hands starts with having beautiful nails. Here are some simple tips to have hands on top and do a beautiful nail manicure!

Are your nails brittle, are they splitting or are they soft? Avoid humidity at all costs: wear gloves when washing the dishes. Tired of yellow nails? Dip them regularly in lemon juice, they will become white as snow again! Streaks appear? File your nails with a polishing block then apply an anti-streak varnish base. Finally, when you go to bed each evening, apply a moisturizer on your hands and nails, to nourish them deeply.

Most of the manicure and pedicure sets available on the market contain effective and easy-to-use accessories. Electric nail drill, nail file, nail buffer, wooden stick, pumice pad… a whole range of tools that will allow you to cut, file, maintain and shine your nails with precision.

electric nail drill
 Professional Electric Nail Drill 

The electric nail drill and nail buffer will give you the efficiency of professional care. This nail manicure material contains all the necessary accessories for a complete hand and foot care. It allows you to easily trim, file and polish nails to make them shinier and less brittle. Its special cleansing brush and nail care pencil ensure flawless hands. The advantage of this manicure kit lies in its backlighting function, a light that offers you optimal visibility for precise and effective care.

Taking care of your hands means starting to take care of your nails. Their maintenance requires wearing gloves to prevent them from breaking due to humidity and if your nails tend to turn yellow, soak them in lemon juice. These simple actions allow you to take care of your hands, but the use of a nail manicure is the best way to beautify them.

If you can’t make it to a beauty salon, don’t hesitate to look for manicure-pedicure sets that contain all the necessary nail supplies. To go further, the use of a file and an electric nail drill ensures professional care.

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