Our advice for applying your semi-permanent varnish

To apply your permanent nail polish, whether you go to an institute or do it at home, here are the steps to follow to take care of your nails:

Start by preparing the nails for the application of the varnish: file your nails, clean them and push back the cuticles, as if you were going to apply a classic varnish.
Apply a primer to all nails with the first hand then spend 30 seconds to 2 minutes under the lamp.

During this time (or after if you are doing the polish alone), do the same with the second hand.

Apply a first coat of varnish and go under the lamp, then do the same on the second hand.

Apply a second coat of varnish and go under the lamp.

Apply the last layer (the top coat) then let dry under the lamp.

This should take around 25 to 45 minutes. The varnish will last about 2 weeks.

Make sure that you use the best manicure set for nail care.

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