Nail polish colors that stretch your fingers: which ones to use?


To look taller and slimmer we put on heels, but sometimes, we want our toes to look longer. Each hand has its own shape and some have short ends perhaps a little chubby. Thanks to some tricks, starting with the color of the nail polish, we can make them look more tapered and graceful. To get to know them, continue reading.

Nail polish colors that stretch your fingers

The enamel colors that stretch the fingers are dark ones such as burgundy, plum, midnight blue, etc … As you already know, black slims down and doesn’t just apply to clothing. If your extremities are a little chubby, total black is perfect for making your hand appear thinner and your fingers longer. On the other hand, light colors should be completely avoided, especially beige and pink nudes.

To make fingers visibly longer, glossy finishes are perfect, and  accentuated with a nice gel-effect top coat. Opaque shades, on the other hand, risk further shortening an already small or plump hand. Once you have chosen the color of your lacquer, you can resort to other gimmicks to highlight your nails and make them a strong point.

And you? do you use nail polish? Which color do you usually use? As always, I invite you to try and wish you a good manicure! If you want to get know more of nail supplies, take a look at our Maryton, and you will find more products at affordable prices.

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