Beautiful feet for the beach

Don’t wait until summer comes to take care of your feet. If you decide to put out your best sandals then your feet must be perfect. You’re in luck, because there are many pedicure supplies for getting pretty feet on the beach.

The 3 beauty tips for your feet

To maintain the beauty of the feet, it is better to take care of them before going to the beach. Taking care of your feet every day is not easy, but there are three beauty steps will keep you looking great all summer long. The feet are often neglected and nothing is more unsightly. It is therefore preferable to form good habits and set up a routine for the beauty of the feet.

Start by moisturizing them daily with a nourishing cream or balm. Perform a massage every evening from toes to heels, focusing on calluses. Indeed, hydration of the skin helps prevent the appearance of hardness in the feet.

nail files

Secondly, after getting out of the bath or shower, file your toenails with the nail files. Push back the cuticles with a wooden stick to help the nails grow.

Finally, you can exfoliate the feet to gradually regain soft skin. It is also advisable to put a creamy and nutritious mask on the feet and put on an occlusive sock before going to bed, once a week. The result is guaranteed when you wake up.

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