How do I prepare my feet for summer?


It’s no secret that our feet are neglected during the winter, they are locked in shoes and boots and they never see the light of day. How do I prepare my feet for summer? What are the steps to follow to have well cared for feet? Your expert nail supplier Maryton gives you advice.

How can I prepare my feet for summer?

To have beautiful feet for the summer, it is advisable to follow the following instructions and steps:

  • Go outside and expose the feet to fresh air.
  • Examine the feet. Is there dead skin, corn, are the nails too long, badly cut or a little discolored?
  • Soak your feet. Take a bath or use a foot bath and leave them in warm water with essential oils for at least 10-15 minutes to thoroughly clean
  • Wash the feet – wash them gently, the goal is to remove the dead skin on the foot and encourage the emergence of the new skin which is hidden below.

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How do I properly clean my feet?

  • When the foot is ready, we start with the sole of the foot, then the toes, between each one, with a nail brush we clean the nails.
  • With a clean towel, dry the feet, taking care to dry well between the toes or the humidity.
  • Then cut the nails
  • Finally, we examine them.

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