Pedicure:don’t overlook your feet

A pedicure is a beauty treatment for feet and nails. How many times have you felt embarrassed when taking off your shoes in public, or having to try on a pair of shoes in a shoe store? With the pedicure, we mean a step-by-step work protocol aimed at improving the aesthetics, hygiene and health of the feet.

We can not help but gradually discover ourselves until we get to show our feet in summer. For women, they become a weapon of seduction. For men, the pedicure becomes a necessary treatment to take care of hygiene and well-being. In both cases, the desire and need for a beauty treatment that can allow us to show our feet with pride and spontaneity Pedicure Spa is inevitable.

The Pedicure Spa is a treatment performed in total relaxation for a sensation of enveloping wellbeing. The feet are immersed in warm water for a regenerating and sanitizing foot bath, massaged with an exfoliating scrub to give new light, wrapped in a moisturizing pack to make the skin soft and silky.

Beauty routine

  • Cleanse your feet thoroughly and with great care every day, using the professional pedicure spa kits, making sure to dry the cuticle area.
  • Use breathable cotton socks.
  • Apply a specific cream for your needs morning and evening.
  • Schedule an appointment at regular intervals with your trusted beautician or podiatrist.

Putting the enamel without smudging requires surgical precision when you think it is dry and you put your shoes back on, the enamel has nicely attached itself to the socks taking their imprint! There is a solution to this problem and it is called SEMIPERMANENT. This way your nails will be looked after for a full four weeks. The semi-permanent is a nail polish that catalyzes in the nail lamp. Each time a new application is made, the previous product is completely removed with the use of the manicure and pedicure set.

Hoping to have been helpful. I hug you and look forward to seeing you in the next post!

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