Are you tempted by nail art on the feet?

More common for fingernails, nail art is just as trendy on toenails. For example, you can do an encore with the nails of the hands or create contrast, by declining it with other decorations on the feet. Here are some ideas for this summer 2022:

  • Nail jewelry: rhinestones are found on the feet, to give a sparkle to a color and highlight your pedicure;
  • Two-tone effect:you can alternate nail polish colors and create contrasts by using different summer colors on your feet;
  • Sequins: sequins can be applied as a detail on the tip or on the entire nail, or even as a finish over one of this summer’s trendy colors;
  • Floral patterns: using a special nail art brush or directly in the institute, floral patterns are trendy on the feet this summer.
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