What trendy nail art to offer for a wedding?


In order to have a memorable wedding, the bride’s nails must be perfect enough. But, what trendy nail art to offer for a wedding? Don’t worry! This blog will tell you the answer.

The French Manicure

Sober and chic, the French manicure is a must when it comes to nail beauty for a wedding. In addition to the traditional transparent French with white ends, you can offer more colorful variants, such as pink and gold or nude and glittery pink.

The Baby Boomer

This gradient with soft colors combines elegance and modernity. Depending on the bride’s wishes, offer either the classic gradient from white to pale pink, or glittery gradients if the bride wants a more original look.

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The Nude Manicure

Application of a classic nude varnish or more elaborate nail art, this manicure offers many possibilities. You can offer different shades of pink on each nail, or just apply a glitter varnish on the nail of the ring finger for example.

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