Russian manicure: a technique for a varnish that lasts more than a month?

Want to have hot nails for at least 5 weeks? Will the frustration of seeing your nail polish peeling off in a few days soon be over? In any case, this is what the Russian manicure promises. Discover the Russian manicure, the incredible new trend that is shaking social networks.


The Russian manicure

This manicure, unlike a classic manicure, is done dry, without soaking the hands in hot water. The difference also lies in the choice of accessories: we use an electric sander with different tips, putting a polishing block and another wooden stick in the cupboard.

This technique is carried out by a professional, who will clean the nail, sand it, remove the cuticles and polish the nail before going to the varnish stage. This type of manicure is not only about having a cannon manicure, but also about protecting the nail and strengthening it. Indeed, before performing the manicure, the professional will apply a protective base. The varnish then used is a gel varnish, applied with a fine brush, at the base of the nail, for a natural result, then the whole thing is dried under a UV lamp, like the semi-permanent varnish.

What do you need to know before starting?

Indeed, if it involves the removal of cuticles, this action is not recommended. The cuticles are useful for the regrowth of the nails and protect them from bacteria. Cutting them can be painful and result in infections which can sometimes lead to surgery!

It is therefore essential to find out about the level of training and the level of hygiene of the professional with whom you are performing it, to avoid any complications as much as possible.

In addition to these mentioned above, nicurists should also use professional manicure supplies. If not, you can check out our Maryton website, where there are all kinds of nail beauty products.

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