Semi-permanent nail polish and gel polish for the feet

It is a fact that nail reconstruction with gel polish or the semi-permanent nail polish for the fingernails, but there are still many doubts regarding the use of these pedicure products. In the following article we will try to answer some of the most common doubts.

Woman in nail salon receiving pedicure by beautician. Close up of female feet resting on white towel
Woman in nail salon receiving pedicure by beautician. Close up of female feet resting on white towel

Pedicure with gel polish and semi-permanent: is it possible?

Thinking about summer immediately brings to mind the image of sandals, perhaps the beautiful jeweled Capri sandals. Obviously the best way to wear them is to have well-groomed feet with flawless nails. Therefore in the last few years the fashion of gel polish and semi-permanent nail polish is spreading more and more also for toenails.

Taking care of our feet is very important not only from an aesthetic point of view, so doing a pedicure only in view of the summer is a mistake that unfortunately many women make.

In both cases, the most important aspect to evaluate is the duration, in fact whether we choose the gel or the semi-permanent nail polish we will have beautiful and well-kept nails for almost 3-4 weeks. The duration is greater than that of the hands both due to a different growth rate and the fact that the hands are exposed more to the action of detergents and tend to opacify and damage the enamel thus making it last longer less.

Another factor that should not be underestimated is that both products resist the action of swimming pool chlorine and salt, while we go to the sea with a traditional nail polish. When we have to go over it continuously, because it tends to lose shine with gel polish. And the semi-permanent does not happen, so we will have super shiny nails all the time.

Gel reconstruction is preferable when we have a non-perfectly uniform nail surface or when we have a different length of the different nails. For the reconstruction of the nails with gel polish, it is better to rely on professionals in the sector since it is a more detailed treatment than the simple application of the polish and above all because it requires a filing of the nail surface that if done in a manner errata can damage the nail itself.

From reading this article, you should have a try! If you want finish it at home, just buy some manicure and pedicure sets at our Maryton nail supply website to have nails that are the envy of anyone.

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