PaMu Slide True Wireless Bluetooth Headset First Experience

In the past two years, true wireless Bluetooth headphone have become the trend of the headset industry, and new true wireless headphones from various brands are constantly emerging. Many users have also experienced the biggest advantages of true wireless headphones and enjoy their own music world freely.

Many people may have questions, can the sound quality of TWS Bluetooth headset meet daily needs? The earliest true wireless Bluetooth headphone was designed to get rid of the wiring harness, but the development of Bluetooth audio chips at the time did not keep up, so most of the early true wireless Bluetooth headsets were still SBC codecs. However, when this market trend became a hotspot in the industry, the improvement of sound quality also became the focus of research and development, and the chips supporting AAC codec and APTX codec formats turn positive.

Today, we come to look at this PaMu Slide T6 true wireless Bluetooth headset, which has different characteristics from most other true wireless Bluetooth headsets. It had received nearly US$ 5 million support on Indiegogo crowdfunding in 2019, which is the highest amount of crowdfunding project and the largest number of support across the platform in 2019, and it is also the best Chinese project for crowdfunding on indiegogo. It is also because of the distinctive design and functional characteristics of this headset that it has attracted the attention of so many people before it appear the market. It has also become a new true wireless headset that many NBA stars love and highly recommend.

At the first glance, this earbuds’s the most obviously different from others is the open method of the charging box. The slide-up open is similar to the cellphone in the pass, not only convenient to open but also can be used as decompression artifacts. Qualcomm QCC3020 flagship Bluetooth 5.0 chip is used, which not only supports aptX high-fidelity decoding, but also has low power consumption and very fast connection speed. Due to the low power consumption, the headset can be used continuously for up to 10 hours, and the charging storage box has a built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, which can charge the headset 5 times more, and the total battery life can reach 60 hours. Another quite unique feature is that the storage and charging case of this PaMu Slide headset can reversely to charge a mobile phone that supports wireless charging. Although the built-in 2000mAh battery is not much for the phones, but it is indeed useful when there is no suitable charging device around or going out.


The headset comes in three colors, Black, Green and White. The middle in the front of the box is the picture of the headphone. At the top left and top right is the model number and the Pamu logo. Because this headphone is produce for the global market, so it list the main features of the product on the back with up to 10 languages:

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Noise reduction with dual microphone
  • Touch control
  • IPX6 waterproof
  • Up to 10 hours playtime
  • Qualcomm “aptX” audio

The top side of the charging box is the type-C charging interface and the buttons for turning on the wireless charging function from left to right. There is a circle of indicator light around the button. The way to turn on the wireless charging function is to double-click the button. At this time, the indicator light circle It will start flashing white slowly. When the mobile phone that supports wireless charging is placed on the back of the storage box to start charging, the light transmitting circle of the indicator light will always be white. When you double-click the button again or the mobile phone that does not support wireless charging is placed in the sensing area for 3 minutes At this time, the indicator aperture will go out, and the wireless charging function will be turned off.

Due to the handle-shaped design of this headset, a built-in 85mAh battery can be built in. This capacity is relatively large in a true wireless Bluetooth headset, and coupled with the low power consumption of the QCC3020, this headset has a single battery life. At 10 hours, this is already a landmark battery life. It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge the headset, and about 3 hours to fully charge the storage case. This is normal.

Although PaMu Slide headphones have increased battery capacity, the weight of one ear is only 7.1 grams (measured at 7.0 grams), and the weight control is still very good. This headset has a total length of 37.5 mm, a width of 19.5 mm, and a thickness of 26 mm. The shape is a bit like a combination of a flat-tipped handle and an in-ear style. This shape can have more space for the battery and pickup inside. Audio microphones and circuit boards, and the grooves in the lower part of the auricle can be used to improve the wearing stability and comfort of the headphones. In the process of testing the skipping rope and shaking the head with the headset, it can really stay still, and there is no pressure on the auricle when worn for a long time, and it is very comfortable to wear. The touch control area of the headset is in the upper part of the headset handle. There are three operation definitions for left and right ears: tap, double-click, and long-press. The left and right ears are clicked to play / pause during music playback. Always click to answer, double-click to refuse; double-click in the left ear to turn on the voice assistant (tested, Xiaomi can turn on Xiaoai classmates normally, iPhone can turn on Siri); double-click in the right ear to switch to the next music; left Press and hold the ear to decrease the volume, and press and hold the right ear to increase the volume. There will be continuous dripping sound when reaching the minimum and maximum volume.


This headset uses a 6mm dynamic coil diaphragm unit. You can see the comparison between PaMu Slide and AirPods2 in the official test frequency response comparison chart. Red is PaMu Slide and green is AirPods2. It can be seen that PaMu Slide is better in terms of tri-band balance.

In fact, during the audition this week or so, including the 10-hour continuous low-volume and many types of music, you can feel that this headset basically has no noise floor, the high, middle, and low frequency are very balanced, and the vocals are relatively clear. The details are also very crisp, the mid frequency is full, the bass is strong, it can dive, and it rebounds very quickly without dragging water.

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