Sonakshi Sinha’s Style Evolution in 25 Cringeworthy Pics

You probably know by now that today is body-positivity activist, Sonakshi Sinha’s birthday. Happy birthday girl!

The 28-year-old bollywood actor first came into our life in the year 2010, starring opposite superstar Salman Khan in Dabangg. Today after six not-so-long years, Sonakshi is more than just a bollywood face. She’s the voice for beauty with substance. In the age of size-zero and skinny body, there’s no other bollywood actor who’s stood up to body-shamers and haters like Sona did. For which she’s our body-positivity hero.

However, she may be our hero but she is human after all. And humans make mistakes. First things first, dear Sona, no hard feelings but we just couldn’t resist taking a look back at your style transformation from your first red carpet moment to your swoon-worthy instagram OOTD.

So in honour of the birthday girl, we’re taking you back to 2010 when Sonakshi Sinha began her stylish journey to becoming cover girl of a leading fashion magazine.

2010-2016: Sonakshi Sinha’s style journey from cringe worthy dresses to double-tap worthy outfits will inspire you that “there’s still hope” for all

2010: The year Sonakshi wore her favourite colour – yellow along with a host of cringe worthy silhouettes. All’s forgiven, Sona.

2011: The year Sonakshi started wearing shorts, abstract prints and mysterious-coloured gowns. But her whites were on point!

2012: The year Sonakshi filled her wardrobe with body con dresses and colourful patiala-kameez combinations

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