Negative space nail art: the manicure that makes the buzz

Negative-Space-Nails-Hero-mudc-082820Want to be trendy all the way? And if you adopted the negative space nail art? The negative space nail art is a manicure that makes the buzz. Among the many manicures, it is the most popular.Today we’re going to talk about negative space manicure, please  bring your manicure kit to follow us quickly!

If you are a fan of nail art, you couldn’t escape it. Negative Space nail art has become one of the essentials of creative manicure. The principle: play on contrasts by leaving a more or less large part of your nail transparent, in order to create patterns.

Ultra graphic, all you need is “striping tape” and a little imagination (and patience) to get started. The most skilled can also opt for an ultra-fine brush to achieve more sophisticated patterns.

All right! Give your nails the most buzz manicure! Moreover, to discover more products to realize your nail beauty just contact our Matyton.

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