Romantic Woodland Wedding Inspiration

Get ready to “ooh” and “ahh” all over the place, because this DIY wedding in the woods is all kinds of gorgeous. Lizzy and Roy’s backyard celebration in rural Maine hits all the right rustic, woodsy notes. We’re talking bohemian feathers, natural, rugged accents and one yummy-looking popcorn station, all while staying budget friendly. Planning your own romantic wedding in the woods? Scroll on to cop this couple’s forest-y vibe.

1. Flower Crowns: The only thing cuter than pint-sized flower girls? Flower girls wearing pretty flower crowns, of course! Lizzy made these crowns herself. She keeping things simple and budget-friendly by using lots of greenery with mini blooms.

2. Woodsy Centerpieces: The couple incorporated their favorite animal — deer — into their reception centerpieces in a clever way. Lizzy covered old books in swaths of moss, then glued gold, spray-painted deer to the tops. The result? Pretty decorations that meld perfectly with the woodsy rural Maine location.

3. Going Global: For a spin on the traditional wedding guest book, Lizzy and Roy encouraged their guests to spin the globe and leave a note next to an extra-special destination. We bet the couple has a lot of unique vacation ideas now!

4. Groovy Guest Gifts: Lizzy and Roy wanted to incorporate their love of music into their celebration, so they came up with a super groovy and personal wedding favor. The couple created a playlist of all their favorite songs, and then created CDs of the playlist for each guest to take home. Lizzy ordered a custom stamp from an Etsy maker to jazz up the simple brown CD sleeves.

5. Family Tree: This “family tree” idea is sweet and simple, aka the best kind of DIY. To create it, Lizzy pinned photos of her and Roy’s relatives to tree branches with mini-clothes pins. She propped up the tree branches in a vintage bottle for a retro touch.

6. White on Black: To keep the focus on all the natural accents, Lizzy stuck to a black-and-white color scheme on all her hand-lettered signs. Lots of arrows and leaf motifs kept the signs well within the woodsy theme.

7. Party With Popcorn: Lizzy and Roy are HUGE movie buffs, and one of their favorite things about going to see a movie is, of course, grabbing a big bag of buttery popcorn. As a nod to their popcorn-fueled hobby, the couple set up a DIY popcorn buffet station, complete with six different flavors to sprinkle on top. Spray-on butter and lots of napkins kept things from getting too messy.

8. Log Lift: Round tree slabs gave a lift to drink dispensers and also served as the wedding cake stand. Bonus? The tree slabs were another subtle contribution to the forest theme.

9. Handmade Accents: With such a breathtaking venue (seriously, the rolling hills and wildflower fields of this Maine spot are giving us a major case of wanderlust), you don’t need a ton of decorative accents. Lizzy kept things simple with hand-sewn bunting in pale pink and garlands made of feathers. She even hand-dipped the tips in gold paint for an extra touch of glam.

10. Dance It Out: Mom to the rescue! Lizzy’s mom came up with an ingenuous way to light up the outdoor dance floor: She spray-painted long poles a pretty metallic shade and stuck the poles in flower pots filled with cement to keep them in place. She then camouflaged the cement by planting pretty pink flowers on top and stringing twinkling lights from pole to pole. Now that’s what we call a Super Mom!

An intimate celebration with close family and friends, complete with a romantic stroll through the Maine woods? Sounds like an affair to remember. Congrats, Lizzy and Roy!

Do you have a DIY wedding that you’d like to share with us? Leave us a note in the comments.

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