Adopt the mismatched manicure

The latest manicure trend? Mix colours, patterns and shapes? Bet on the mismatched! This is the latest trend in manicure! In this article, we will show you some miscuited manicures.

A colorful and whimsical trend at your fingertips

This activity is as meticulous as it is satisfying! Whether done by a pro or at home, the manicure is often a moment for yourself with ultra-satisfying results. If there’s nothing like going to a pro to get a perfect result, the interest of nail art-inspired manicures is also that they allow you to express your creativity and let your artistic fiber speak … in a delimited setting.

How to make a mismatched manicure?

The good idea is to transform the homemade manicure into an appointment between girls and entrust your nails to a friend – because it’s not necessarily easy to succeed with your right hand with a plain manicure so when it comes to drawing paintings… Another option? Opt for ultra simple patterns or downright abstract! Finally, to prevent the realization from being too tedious, we advise you to keep a few nails plain and take out your textured varnishes to mismatch with less effort!

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