Christmas Parties: 9 Tasks Of The Wedding Organization To Carry Out During Your Holidays

If you have decided to unite between May and September, the Christmas period can be particularly useful for you to move forward with your preparations and organize an original wedding . Indeed, it is a time when one often benefits from a few days of holidays, and thus of additional time for the setting up of its big day! At this point, you have probably already reserved your reception area, scheduled some wedding entertainment and perhaps also opted for some crucial providers.

The Christmas season is ideal for taking stock. Agenda in hand, discover the 9 things to do during your winter holidays .

1. Review your schedule

Christmas is a good time for relaxation and calm. Blow and re-read your schedule of preparations. Where are you ? What are the tasks already done? What remains to be done?

Think about establishing a list of priorities to know in which direction to move forward and measure everything you have already accomplished. Relaunch providers, contact others for the first time, make an appointment, sign contracts, do the most urgent tasks.

2. Imagine your announcements

Holidays allow you to be freer and therefore more creative. You must already have an idea of the people you want to invite. Now think about the shape and colors of your invitation cards. Do not hesitate to bet on creative and representative announcements of your couple! Your guests will appreciate.

3. Decide between multiple providers

When we do not have the time, we usually make lists of several photographers, caterers or animators, thinking that we will sort later. The big moment has arrived ! Take back your lists and choose among the pre-selected companies which ones will have your preference.

4. Think about the decoration

Now that your venue is booked, it’s easier to project and imagine the perfect decor for the space you’ve chosen.

Just like your announcements, determine the colors and style that will define your wedding theme and start selecting items and accessories so that your big day reception is just like you.

5. Do It Yourself

If you want to start making some elements of your wedding, decoration, accessories, bouquets, … Christmas is the perfect time to train. Get started and cut, color, paste and invent all those little personal touches that will make your ceremony even more unique.

6. Guest Logistics

Your loved ones may not all be close to you. Some will even come from afar to participate in your beautiful wedding day. Also, think about making it easier for them by providing them with transportation and lodging solutions near your party venue. These few days of vacation can allow you to carry out research in this direction.

7. Administrative procedures

Marriage, whether we like it or not, is unfortunately also papers, requests for information, authorizations and other procedures of all kinds. Because it is often difficult to integrate them into your daily life, enjoy your holidays to go to the town hall, fill out documents, make phone calls , etc.

8. Book your honeymoon

The more you reserve your tickets in advance, the less expensive they will be. By visiting travel sites during the holidays, you may be able to find attractive offers and promotions that will make your dream of escape a reality!

9. Short and long term objectives

Of course, it is not a question of carrying out all the tasks of your wedding organization during Christmas! However, you can initiate some long-term tasks and note goals related to your well-being to accomplish within a few months (weight loss, sport, skin care, body, …).

If, for example, you want to go on a diet, decide to start on the 1st of January and determine now the weight to reach within 3 months, 6 months.

Regarding your wedding preparations, are you rather planning to the millimeter or last minute organization? Whatever your agenda, take some time to find inspiration for your wedding makeup and beauty. From the dress to the wedding hairstyle to the small accessories that will embellish your outfits, the bride and groom have something to do with the aesthetic side as well. Draw ideas and practice both during the Christmas festivities!

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