The manicure hits of winter


Each time of the year has its own nail art trends and news. Today, the nail expert Maryton will tell you about the trends for this winter.

Trend 1: Sweater Nails

Description: It’s about working material on your nails so that they look like a big sweater.

Creation: To create sweater nails the principle is to create a relief using a thick varnish so as to observe an extra thickness. To do this, use either a UV Top Coat, acrylic resin or UV gel. Using a dotting tool, draw the patterns that you want to appear in relief and catalyze very regularly.

Trend 2: Jacquard style nails

Description: Jacquard is the second hit manicure of the season. Very trendy in a sweater, this winter we find it almost everywhere which inspires Nail Art fans.

Creation: If you have drawing skills and are meticulous, you can create the patterns by hand using nail polish and nail brushes or a dotting tool.

Trend 3: Nails with snowflake patterns

Description: Few explanations are needed for this type of manicure, it just involves making, stamping or sticking pretty snowflakes on your nails.

Creation: Here again it all depends on your mastery of the brush, the dotting tool or the liner brush. Adopt the stamping technique with, for example, our pretty Christmas balls and snowflakes stamping plate. Another solution that is even simpler and more affordable even for little girls is the application of nail stickers.

Trend 4: Matte nails

Description: Matte nails are very fashionable at the moment, sober and elegant they subtly stand out.

Realization: To obtain matte nails, choose an already matte nail polish or apply your classic nail polish then add one or two coats of matte Top Coat and that’s it, you have pretty nails at the top of their class. the trend !

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I recommend investing in some professional manicure sets to care for your nails.

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