PaMu Scroll Review: The Headphones Raised $3 Million

Along with the success of the PAMU X13 bluetooth earphones for the last time, this time PAMU continues to release the next version with the name “PAMU SCROLL” with many better improvements. .

Some notable changes to the PAMU version this time:
– Change the design from round box to polite and luxurious form with leather cover.
– The earpiece size is also smaller in the ears
– Support bluetooth 5.0
– Can listen to calls with both ears
– Bass improved.
– Standard waterproof from IPX5 to IPX6 to withstand strong water pressure
– Additional wireless charging dock
– Activate Siri directly from the headset (According to Padmate, it can work in accordance with Virtual Assistant on each device.)

It can be seen that the sound support is better (the previous product’s bass is not very resonant and clear) and the more compact design is one of the points I find worthwhile for this version.

Now that you can order PAMU SCROLL on Moldac Site. Pamu Scroll is no longer a sample product, but it is being mass produced for users, it was exhibited at two major events, IFA Berlin September 2018 and the 86th TOKYO INTERNATIOL GIFT SHOW.

With the production and delivery experience of PAMU version one, participants of PAMU Scroll may receive the goods earlier in November this year. Brothers who are interested in products together order goods to be cheaper!

Now if any of you have an order, you will be willing to share it with others so that you have more gifts such as a wireless charging receiver.

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