How to remove gel nails?

There are 2 main methods for removing UV gel. One removal technique with a file and the other with solvent. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain everything to you.

How to remove gel nails?

Removing your gel nails with the sander

Before you start, get a nail file to cut the extension as short as possible. Now you can remove the gel nails with a sander or your nail file. Gently file your false nails directly using the coarse grain. Be careful to vary the direction of pumice to make the result as homogeneous as possible. You must be careful not to touch the surface of the nail. The moment you see your real nail or notice less filing dust. You have to stop the coarse grit and switch to the fine grit sander to remove the rest of the UV gel.

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Remove gel nails with product

As for the first technique, it is necessary to shorten the false nail as much as possible. This will make it possible to gain in efficiency by having to remove fewer products. Then file with a coarse grain the surface of the gel. The shiny surface of the false nail must be removed. We will make the false nail porous, which will allow the acetone to easily remove the false nail. Before using the nail polish remover, never forget to dispose of petroleum jelly around your nail. You have to protect your skin from this potential irritation.

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