False nails and mycosis: choose your nail stylist well

Onychomycosis, more commonly known as nail fungus, is a fairly common infection. It is also the most common nail condition. Therefore, it is important to choose professional nail supplies, the right nail technician, to avoid causing damage to your nails.

Mycosis and false nails, what precautions?

Nail fungus can be caused by several causes, in particular following friction against a shoe, shock or even prolonged contact with water in a humid environment. If you have a fungus on your nails, it is best to wait for them to heal completely before considering false nails. Indeed, this practice, if it is not carried out by a nail or aesthetics professional, can lead to infection, allergies, fungal infections or even inflammation of the skin. Similarly, false nails are not recommended before surgery or childbirth. If you decide to offer yourself this type of manicure, it is very important to call on a competent person, who has received quality training.

Treating nail fungus, mistakes to avoid

Before making an appointment in your nail specialist beauty salon, make sure that your fungus is treated and that your nail is perfectly healthy. First, don’t try to camouflage the mycosis with a varnish, because you cannot observe its evolution. Turning away from the problem would only exacerbate it. If you suspect a fungus on one of your nails, consult your doctor or a healthcare professional, who will give you appropriate treatment after making the diagnosis.

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