10 Bathing Suits to Address Everything You Are Worried About

Hey, we’re all about body positivity. And girl, you look good. But if there’s one thing that has the potential to get us down, it’s the annual Swimsuit Search – is there any way to actually feel and look amazing as we do our best Baywatch run?

Good news: Yes, there is. Here are 10 swimsuits to address whatever body thing you’re probably totally overthinking, but why not feel your best?

The Issue: Your Tummy

When it seems like your whole abdominal area needs to be firmer, you can spend weeks in boot camp or you can try a super-shaping one-piece, like this cheap one piece swimsuits from SPANX. It has underwire and push-up cups, so eyes up here… okay, a little lower…

The Issue: Wide Hips

The trick here is in balancing your figure – so that means making your shoulders seem wider. This season’s new off-the-shoulder flounce design looks groovy and totally redirects attention upward.

The Issue: Big Boobs

Lucky you. But still, you don’t want the girls bouncing around – or heavens, flopping out – while you’re enjoying the elements. Opt for a tankini that’s got enough fabric and structure to keep everything in place.

The Issue: You Wish You Had Boobs

The twin handmaidens of bright fabric and light padding are here to grant your wish.

The Issue: Thick Thighs

Opt for a substantial boy short, preferably in a bright color, which will make your upper legs willowy by comparison.

The Issue: No Waist

Feel like you’re not as hourglass as you’d like? Wear a suit that has gathers, which obscure exactly how slinky you are or are not, and control lining, which is like a less scary girdle but for the waves.

The Issue: Your Arms

It’s hard to keep your upper arms super toned when you have other things to do, like, say, work, socialize and dine. So if you’re not up for showing them off, try this groovy 1950s silhouette one piece swimsuit that also works as a cute top with a pull-on skirt.

The Issue: Big Booty

You’re proud of your sexy derriere but want to make sure it’s getting all the support it needs. Show it off with this bright print brazillian bikini that includes lace-up sides to keep everything perky back there.

The Issue: Stretch Marks

Cover that area right up with the throwback granny-panty shape that says “hipster,” not “bloated.”

The Issue: Muffin Top

Remember the revelation that was the tankini? (You mean it covers, and it rolls up?!?) Now there’s a tankini that hikes your midsection even more skillfully – the peplum. One of this season’s trendiest shapes, side boning keeps it in line, like a corset. Except it’s a million times more bare and comfortable.

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