14 Beautiful Jacket Styles I’m Loving Right Now

A jacket is something that you have to wear when the weather is cold outside covering all the lovely curves inside as well as the women dress or top that you are wearing. However, does this mean a jacket has to be boring or dull? Not at all; in fact, a jacket has to make a definite fashion statement, as it is the garment that is worn outside and is going to be seen at all times. The style of jackets that are popular keeps changing every season but some styles stay classic, as they are timeless. Some jacket styles gain popularity because of our affinity for them. Take for instance bolero jackets and the many interesting uses for them and you will know what we mean.

When you consider the more casual style of jackets for women, then these will be counted among smart casual wear for the younger women. Some jackets even do double duty when they are the type that can be converted and reversed to be used in two distinct styles. You will soon learn how to get more out of your dresses with convertible clothing.

We are sure that as jackets go, you must have a particular favorite that you just cannot part with under any circumstances. This could be something as simple as the ragged jean jacket that someone gave you during your college days. Or the particularly blingy jacket that you love wearing when you are dressing to go out on a date. Or that particular jacket that you feel hides all your flaws and makes you feel tall and confident. Or that classic jacket that shouts success when you are making a presentation. Or that jacket that does not look good but feels like a hug every time you wear it.

These are all jackets that could be part of your wardrobe but if it is not you should make a list of jackets that you are loving right now and go about ensuring that you have them all in your wardrobe. If not all, then the ones that work with your particular lifestyle. In fact this list will definitely have to be customized based on the way you lead your life and the weather requirements of your area of residence.

Here are some of the main jackets that we feel you should and we have defined them by need and not style:

The dressy jacket: This is the jacket that we referred to earlier when we said that it is the go to jacket that makes you feel like a princes when dressing to go out. You will find that this jacket adds a touch of class and glamor not to mention warmth when you are dressing to go out in the evenings.

The casual jacket: The jacket that hugs you and makes you comfortable when you are dressed in casual clothes to go around doing official and personal chores. This jacket needs to hardy to withstand all the use you will get out of it.

The official jacket: This is the official jacket that you don when you need that boost of confidence at work either for an important presentation or for an interview. This needs to be sharp, well cut and well fitted to make you feel confident as you walk into important situations.

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