Corns under and around the nail

Some have already been confronted with a violent pain on the nail (most often in the big toe). We first think of an ingrown toenail or a trauma, but in the absence of hematoma and once a possible nail tip has been eliminated, the podiatrist will look for the presence of a corn. In fact, corns do not just come and tickle our toes, they can hide around and under the nails, it is absolutely necessary to look for if we want to avoid or get rid of.

The professional pedicure kit will be able to offer you a reconstitution of the nail, but most of the time a simple bandage worn for two or three days will suffice, the regrowth of the nail will be done without problem. The peri-ungual corns are often more difficult to access, lodged along the edges of the nail, they are the result of the friction of the nail on the skin and are quite unpleasant to remove even at the turbine sometimes making it useful to use an anesthetic cream before the treatment.

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