The semi-permanent varnish, an ideal service to beautify the nails quickly


Semi-permanent varnish is a varnish that comes in the form of a fluid gel. Once applied to the natural nail, it is dried under an LED or UV lamp. Today, Your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain everything to you.

The first advantage of semi-permanent nail polish is the exposure time. In about 30 minutes, the service is completed, so the installation is quick. On the other hand, the removal of semi-permanent nail polish is easier and faster than the removal of artificial nails.

Several layers are put on the nails, after a preparation phase: the base, the color and the top coat. Thus, the semi-permanent varnish does not flake off and the result is shiny. It is possible to create nail art designs with semi-permanent varnish, but these will be rather simple and will depend on the size of your client’s natural nails.

On the downside, semi-permanent nail polish can wear off a little faster than gel nails, since there are fewer layers. In addition, the possibilities of nail art remain limited. The semi-permanent varnish does not allow you to make nail extensions, you have to be content with their natural length.

OK! I believe you have know the semi-permanent varnish is an ideal service to beautify the nails quickly. Besides, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure kit to prepare your cuticles!

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