The Most Popular TWS Earbuds – PaMu Slide

A few days ago I showed you guys a good competitor to the Apple earpods which not only sounded good but they had a pretty good price. So I know what you’re thinking, here we go again with another Apple killer. Yes, today we are gonna be taking a look at another Apple killer, but this time these headphones are gonna have a couple functionalities that the Apple earpods don’t have. This killer goes by the name of the Pamu slide, let’s go ahead and just jump right into this review.

The Most Popular TWS Earbuds - PaMu Slide

These headphones have got that classic Apple earpods look, is made of plastic with a little bit of silicon in the middle, this keeps the earbuds lightweight and perfect for anyone who enjoys running, biking or any kind of sport. These headphones were quite comfortable to wear, they didn’t hurt my ears and I had a hard time trying to shake them out, despite they do not having any kind of ear holder. So, at first glance these headphones are actually looking pretty.

Let’s go ahead and move on to the charging case. At first glance, this case honestly resembles a speaker but sadly this is not a headphone speaker, they just look like a speaker for some reason. To open the case just simply slide up. The build quality of this case it’s pretty solid, it’s made of aluminium which still keeps the case lightweight but also adds a more premium feel. Then, let’s talk about the design of the case and the earbuds themselves. There are some features and functionalities that i loved so much. They have got the basic touch control that we’ve come to know and love simple taps can pause and play songs as well as long pushes that can lower and raise volume. These headphones also feature the ability to answer and reject phone calls as well as accessing voice assistance like Siri and Google at the push of a button. This functionality especially made me happy, because you could access Google, most Apple killers usually only let you access Siri which is a huge letdown for Android users. So I’m very happy to say that if you’re an Android user you can access Google with these headphones.

Besides that, these pamu earbuds feature 10 hours of battery life on one charge. As well as the charging case holding an additional 5 charges, for a total of 50 to 60 hours of playtiem which is pretty amazing. This charging case features a USB type-c charger which is great to see in 2019, and it can also acts as a wireless charging pad , that’s right, a wireless charging pad, you can charge your phone on this case. The future is amazing. Let’s go ahead and move on to the sound quality of these earbuds. If you enjoy bass, you are going to love these headphones. They have killer bass and are totally worth it. They’re pretty well balanced for the most part music, is crystal clear.

These headphones are a steal compared to Apple airpods and if you’re thinking of picking one up you can go ahead to the Indiegogo. Be sure to leave a comment down below, letting me know what you thought about this review.

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