The causes of American pose peel off

When a nail pose doesn’t hold there are multiple causes depending on the technique used. A well done American pose should last up to 4 weeks, here are in my opinion the most common causes why an American pose doesn’t hold.

The preparation of natural nails

Preparation is very important. Thoroughly degrease and prepare the surface of the nail before applying the primer and the gel remains a critical element.

The right quantity of product

If you don’t put enough gel in the capsule, there is the risk of having empty pockets inside the capsule. On the contrary, it may overflows on the skin, which can also possibly be a cause of detachment.

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Choice of size

The capsules that too small or too large are all can’t adhere well to the nail, and eventually peel off.

The technique

Even if the American pose is easy and quick, you have to master the technique. Know the amount of gel to apply on the capsule and the pressure to exert on the nail just before catalyzing with the mini lamp…

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